3 Ways To Wear A Scarf In Your Hair

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3 Great, Easy and Fun ways to wear a scarf in your hair!
Wearing a scarf in your hair is a trendy style that is perfect for hair that may be a little dirty, festive seasons or an addition to a simple outfit. Three simple and trendy hairstyles, everyone should try are the knotted headband, the silk headband, and the plait woven into your hair.

To achieve these looks you will need the following products:
A scarf of any type (silk, square, long, skinny)
A comb or bristle brush
Texturizing dust
Small hair tie or rubber bands

The Knotted Headband
For this style fold the scarf along its longest axis and roll it to hide the two seams. Then tie it into a slightly off centered, kind of large flat knot. Use hairspray or texturizing dust on the scarf if it’s silky and place the knotted headband on your head positioned anywhere you like. Tie the ends together and tuck in the two pieces hanging afterwards to complete the knotted headband look.

The Silk Headband with a half up half down Boho look
For this style start by adding volume to the crown of your head by taking a bristle brush or comb and backcombing 2-3 inch sections of hair back towards the roots until you get halfway to the back of your head. Once you are satisfied with the amount of volume use hairspray or hairpins to hold the hair in place. Next take your scarf and fold it along the longest axis, hiding the seams then scrunch it until it’s about a 3-4 inch wide headband or at the width you like. Place the silk headband slightly down on your forehead and bring it around underneath the volume bump then knot and tuck in the ends, covering any hairpins you may have used. Finish up the style and even out any little bangs or shorter hairs in the face.

How to plait a scarf into your hair
Start by putting a little bit of volume in just at the hairline. Next replace a section of hair with a scarf by taking your scarf and knotting it into a section of hair near the top of the head. The knot should be tied in the middle of the section of hair and hidden underneath the shaft of hair. Then begin plaiting the hair as you normally would by taking sections from each side and using the scarf as the third or middle section. Keeping the scarf by itself continue to plait the hair until reaching the end length of your hair. Once you’ve finished plaiting the hair secure the end with a small hair tie or rubber band. To finish the look you cam freely style the rest of the scarf left at the end of the plait by tying it into a bow or incorporating it back into the style.

Now you have 3 fun, creative, and easy ways to wear a scarf in your hair.

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